Justin Bieber Just Launched A New Company & It's A 'Long Time Coming'

Photo: Getty Images

Justin Bieber wants you to know his "Intentions" — he wants the world's drinking water to be more sustainable.

Bieber and Micah Cravalho, the founder and CEO of Generosity Water, turned the brand into a water technology company "that is providing premium alkaline water in refillable fountains across the globe," CNN reports. Justin tweeted the news on Thursday (December 1). "Long time coming and excited to finally announce," he wrote.

The first peek at what Generosity can do was put on display at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar with the addition of 150 water fountains. "I want the world to have access to the best water. I also want countries to know how to best protect their people. The overuse of plastic is hurting us, we need to be more sustainable," Bieber told the news outlet.

One of Generosity's main goals is to reduce the usage of single-serve plastic. "We aspire to be the global leader in water technology, empowering consumers with refillable products as an alternative to single-use packaging," Cravalho said.

How does Generosity do it? "Generosity connects to any water source and is able to create premium refillable alkaline water dispensed through their sustainable fountains which the company says will be found commercially at major venues, festivals and in homes in 2023," CNN reports.

Generosity is Bieber's latest charitable endeavor. Earlier this year, he dropped millions to ensure his fans and tour crew have access to therapy with a partnership with BetterHelp. He's also worked with Pencils of Promise and the First Responders Children's Foundation.

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