Ariana Grande's Soul Left Her Body During The Voice Contestant 'POV' Cover

Photo: Getty Images

On Tuesday night's (September 21) episode of The Voice, the Georgia-born singer Gymani performed Ariana Grande's "POV," blowing away the song's original singer. "That's your song now," Grande told Gymani, later adding that "I swear to god, for the rest of my life, I'm going to be like, 'Oh, I'm covering Gymani's song.'"

All four judges turned their chairs once Gymani started singing. First, Blake Shelton turned, followed shortly by Grande, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson. Covering a judge's own song tends to be a risky move that finds difficult critiques, however, Gymani managed to make "POV" completely her own. "There were so many alterations to the melody, and I trusted every single one of them," Grande told her.

Gymani's performance saw Grande holding her hands up in preparation to clap throughout most of its duration, the singer appearing in awe as she sat in her chair. Grande, Shelton, Legend, and Clarkson all began fighting over her, trying to woo Gymani towards their team. Legend and Grande both tried one-upping one another as they agreed with Gymani's influences, both promising that they shared the same ones.

In promotion of their new season of The Voice, Shelton joked that Grande crushed his dreams of ever having a No. 1 album after she released her 2016 record, Dangerous Woman, on the same day he released his album, If I'm Honest. Grande joked back that she'd cover If I'm Honest to make up for it.

The "r.e.m." singer is also launching her own beauty line, r.e.m. Beauty. With plans to have limited drops beginning with the eyes, then working their way through other aspects of beauty such as highlighter, foundation, lipsticks, and more, fans have been eagerly awaiting news as to when items will become available for purchase.

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