Disney Just Released New Valentine's Day Minnie Mouse Ears!

Valentine’s Day is under a month away and Disney just released brand new Minnie Mouse ears perfect for the holiday of love. These brand new Valentine's Day Minnie Mouse ears has a headband and ears covered in red sequins and there's little white sequin hearts on the ears. Located right in the center of the ears are a two pink hearts that come together as bow and tied with a red sequin “ribbon.” These ears resemble standard Minnie Mouse ears, but with some sparkly heart-shaped twists. These have been spotted at both the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort, shopDisney, and even at your local Disney store at the mall for $29.99. If you're interested in these, you'll have to buy them fast because they're selling out quickly.

You can see what these new Valentine's Day Minnie Mouse look like below:

Are you going to buy these festive Valentine's Day Minnie ears?

Photo Credit: Disney Hype Beast / @disney_hype_beast_80