Forgetful Moments Within A Year

The average person draws a blank about six times a week — adding up to 332 forgetful moments per year. Here are the top forgetful moments we experience. 

  1. Forget a password 
  2. Forget things when we grocery shop
  3. Misplace keys
  4. Forget what we went into a room for
  5. Forget people's names after being introduced 
  6. Have a word on the tip of your tongue and not remember what it is
  7. Walk into a room and forget why we're there
  8. Forget where we put a pen 
  9. Forget what day it is 
  10. Misplace cell phone

**FYI: Multi-tasking and technology go hand-in-hand, and can lead to multitasking-induced forgetfulness.

photo credit: Getty Images