How Do You Break the Ice in an Elevator?

If you've ever entered an elevator that's occupied by another person, you know how awkward it is to hang out staring ahead for a number of floors until you reach your destination. Somebody has to hit the button of the floor, which usually means doing it yourself or actually talking to the stranger standing next to you in smaller closed quarters. For some, this is extremely uncomfortable. For others, this is an opportunity to strike up conversation!

Elevator small talk is the worst, but Twitter's here to make it all better (or at least a little funnier) with its trending "#BreakTheIceInAnElevator" hashtag. Here are just 10 of the hilarious ways users suggest you get to know your fellow elevator riders better:

  • "Boxers or briefs?"
  • "Hi, my name is Jodi, and I'm an alcoholic."
  • Only talk in pig Latin.
  • Start singing "Love in an Elevator."
  • "So, I'm on my period."
  • "Hmm, you smell different when you’re awake."
  • "What does this button do?"
  • "Did you know that 17,000 people are seriously injured in elevator mishaps every year? Crazy, right?"
  • "I won't use an elevator pun, because I refuse to go to that level."
  • Fart.

The last one is not personally suggested by me to do in an elevator. It's just plain evil to do on purpose and very likely to get you punched...especially if you laugh after doing it.

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