Bakersfield Tax Increase is 1 Penny More Per Dollar Spent


As of Monday, sales tax increased a penny per dollar and there's mixed feelings on the potential for misuse of what the money was supposed to go for.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but if you didn't make that big purchase before April 1st then here's what that extra penny/dollar looks like added onto your new cost...

$1 = 1 cent

$10 = 10 cents

$100 = $1

$1000 = $10

$10,000 = $100

$100,000 = $1000

As you can see, it's not that massive of an increase when you look at it this way. You hardly notice it actually. In the big picture, the city of Bakersfield is going to have a LOT more money. They anticipate an additional $50 million per year, and that leads many wondering how quickly the money will go for everything but the "increased public safety" funding it was supposed to. The city is allowed to redirect some of the funds to other areas if need be. One of the items suggested is battling the homeless problem that is growing heavily in Bakersfield, which many residents would likely be in support of.

My biggest worry is that this increase will eventually be mended into the general fund and wasted spending goes up, making another tax increase proposed. We all know that when you have more money, you spend more money!

Barry Allen

Barry Allen

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