Bakersfield's Historical Haunted Padre Hotel


Bakersfield, California has a number of suspected 'haunted' locations, but one of the most well-known is the Padre Hotel that has stood at 1702 18th Street since 1928.

The Padre Hotel was originally built with 8-stories and 198 guest rooms, and considered a luxury hotel still to this day. It went through a complete remodel in 2008 to update it to what you see now -- with 112 guest rooms and suites, bar, restaurant, and bistro with outdoor dining patio.

There's a haunting history with the hotel, enough to make it near the top of the list for most haunted places in Bakersfield. Many people have reported spirits making their presence known in different areas of the Padre, especially child spirits.

In the 1950's, a fire broke out on the 7th floor and many people died, especially children. There's mixed reports about an earthquake in the same decade trapped multiple people in the basement, who died (even though there are only reports of 2 deaths in the 1952 earthquake). There have been multiple suicides from people leaping off the top floors as well, making many people believe all these spirits are now trapped in the hotel.

Many people refuse to stay in a room on the 7th floor, and more specifically room 704, the most haunted room in the hotel. There's also a hand print of a young girl on a door that keeps reappearing even after it has been washed off and even sanded out. Faint sounds throughout the hotel of young girls running and giggling, to sightings of a small girl dressed in clothing from the 1920's era are reported often.

In the video above, paranormal investigators checked into these reports at the Padre Hotel during the renovation. It's interesting to see what their experience was and well worth the watch if you have some time!

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