Website Wednesday: GasBuddy Has Saved Me a Ton of Money

For this week's "Website Wednesday", I'd like to give you a cool website that can save you a ton of dough with something all of us do weekly, at least...fill up on gas.

If you've never visited this website, then it's time to check it often. GasBuddy keeps up with the gas prices all over the U.S. and tells you the price of gas at any gas station in your area. It's amazing how the price of gas can differ from 1 gas station to the next. You don't need to drive around (wasting gas) trying to save a few cents over another station, just look on the website!

They break things down a ton of ways as well, which is helpful if you're into that "stats" kind of thing. For (February 27th) the lowest reported gas price is $2.42 and the highest is $3.26 for regular unleaded. Want to see how much gas is up or down over a period of time in Bakersfield? They tell you that if you'd like as well.

Give it a go and see if it helps you save some $$ over time. Chances are good that you could save upwards of a hundred dollars a month!

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