This Samsung Galaxy Fold is Absolutely Crazy!


This new Samsung Galaxy might be the 1st time I've ever drooled over a phone! I've owned both Apple, and Android phones, and to me they are just a "phone" with some cool app capabilities. I've never been one of those people who've almost replaced my computer with my phone full time...I just like to have that bigger screen and full keyboard.

Now though, I've found myself questioning all of that. This morning I saw the CNET video unveiling the new Samsung Galaxy Fold and my inner geek came out in full force. Folded in half, it's a smartphone. Unfolded, it's a tablet. I'll be curious to see what kind of cases will come out for these, given there's a glass screen on both sides! I also liked the capability to run and view 3 apps at the same time. That's the other reason using my current phone (Samsung S9+) drives me nuts.

I've never bought brand new technology and always waited for the hype to die down along with the price (remember Google Glass?) to really stand the test of time and get the kinks out. I'll patiently await for this to go through the same and let the price tag go down a little too. You can bet that there will be plenty of people standing in line to get the 1st edition though!

For you Apple can bet that Apple is inventing something similar, from what I've heard it's called the iFold.

Barry Allen

Barry Allen

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