One of My Worst Nightmares -- Rat Slams into Kid Sledding


If you want to make me squirm and not sleep at night, tell me there's a rat nearby. This video is freaky in so many ways!

Imagine you're just hanging out with people all around and then see this huge rat running around. What would you do? I'd run like Forrest Gump and not look back for a mile, fearing the thing is right at my heels trying to run up my pant leg.

Now imagine you're in this kid's place on a sled while this huge rodent collide's with you! The rat is so big that the impact doesn't kill it, the thing bounces off the sled and it keeps running. Thankfully he had a GoPro strapped on and caught everything on cam!

Excuse me while I go make an appointment to see a therapist now...

Barry Allen

Barry Allen

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