Kelly Clarkson Shares Onstage Bathroom Accident She Had During A Concert

Kelly Clarkson came clean about an embarrassing accident she had onstage.

During Thursday’s (April 8) broadcast of The Kelly Clarkson Show with country musician Clint Black, Clarkson admitted to suffering an unfortunate bathroom break that had her rushing off the stage during one of her performances.

The TMI moment came while Black promoted an upcoming episode of his talk show Talking in Circles in which singer Sara Davis recalled the uncomfortable experience of needing to relieve herself during a concert.

"How many of us haven't peed on stage?" Black jokingly asked, probably not expecting the answer Clarkson was prepared to give him.

"Well, I'll tell you right now, there was one time—it wasn't pee, my friend," the American Idol alum shamelessly admitted. "I got some kind of wrecked up from some kind of food. We were in an arena—and I shouldn't tell this story, but like I said, my man, I don't have a filter."

She explained, “I had to run backstage to my quick-change. I grabbed this poor trash can, and boy, I destroyed it. It was bad. It was bad, Clint! And we might have to edit this out, but I'm just sayin', it happens. What are you supposed to do?"

Clarkson's trash can horror story is just one among many from superstars who have had bathroom break disasters onstage. Her recent talk show guest, Halsey, actually said she keeps garbage cans on standby for similar circumstances.

Photo: Getty Images